Monday, July 2, 2007


Play Activities for Child Development
- Mina Swaminathan
Prema Daniel
(National Book Trust, India
Price: Rs १३०
Smt. Sudesh DattTGT (Eng)

K.V O.E.FHazratpurDist.Firozabad-283103(U.P.)

An enriching, practical, wholesome and systematic book available at low cost for teachers willing to learn and improve their skills. It is a must read for Pre-School teachers as it encourages play based and interactive methodology of teachers.
The book caters to the fulfillment of the objectives of childhood education.
The language is simple and direct and stimulates the teacher to think and be innovative and modify according to needs.

The activities are divided into 7 categories
Ø Physical Development
Ø Sensory and Motor Development
Ø Cognitive Development
Ø Language Development
Ø Social and Personal Development
Ø Emotional and Aesthetic Development
Ø Readiness for the 3 R’s
This facilitates the selection of activities by the teacher to go straight to the activity of choice or need.
As many as 140 games that can be played indoors or outdoors, in pairs, small, medium or large groups have been dealt with in detail.
Each game ensures involvement of each and every child.
There are activities for the body, hands, mind and senses. The book helps in the development of the child in every domain. It fosters the mastery of body control, exploration, creativity, social training, emotional balance and language skills.
Above all, the activities in the book highlight that one does not need expensive equipment in order to organize a worthwhile programme of play activities for young children.
A must have with every Pre-School Teacher.