Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sample Questions for Low Achievers(BIO)

Class: XII
Sub: Biology
Sample Questions for Low Achievers
Dr Neeta Singh PGT BIO
UNIT-IV 2Marks Questions

1. Explain any two methods of vectorless gene transfer.
2. What is a palindromic sequence on DNA? Why is it useful in recombinant DNA technology?
3. What are restriction enzymes? Name and describe their two major kinds.
4. Name the technique used for separation of DNA fragments. What is its principle?
5. How is Agrobacterium tumefaciens used as a vector for transformation of plant cells?
6. Mention the key tools necessary for rDNA technology.
7. What is genetic engineering? List the steps involved in rDNA technology.
8. What is Ti plasmid?Name the organism where it is found?How does it help in genetic engineering?
9. What are genetically modified organisms? Give examples of one plant and one animal.
10. What are the advantages of molecular diagnostics over conventional methods?
11. What are Cry proteins? Name an organism that produces it. How has man exploited this protein to his benefit?
12. Expand PCR. How is it useful in biotechnology?
13. Name the following-
(a). The first transgenic cow
(b). The substance used as medium in gel electrophoresis
(c). The enzyme used to digest cell wall of bacteria
(d). The enzyme characteristic of retroviruses.
14. What is a cloning vector? Explain the technique of using such a vector in E. coli.
15. Compare and contrast the advantage and disadvantages of production of GM crops.
16. What are the disadvantages of insulin from animal sources. What are the concerns about transgenic insulin?
17. What is gene therapy? Illustrate using the example of ADA deficiency.
18. Expand PCR. What is its use in diagnostics?
19. Define biopiracy. What are the concerns about Neem and Turmeric?
20. Mention any six fields of application of biotechnology in human welfare.

-Dr Neeta Singh PGT BIO