Sunday, December 16, 2007

The KVS Merry Go Round

[On KVS Foundation Day]

By Smt S Datt
TGT English

It’s March 31st
The result is out>
Faces change colour
Whether lean or stout

New books to be bought
Notebooks to be covered
The first test is round the corner
The days are numbered

The only ray of hope is the summer vacation
To come back afresh to continue the session
Thus trigger off the activities
The supplementaries
The parents’ pleas
And not to forget the collection of fees
Classwork and homework that can’t be shirked
Classes that can’t be missed
You are still busy with admissions
But its time for Inter House Competitions
Science and Social Science Exhibitions
Sudden Inspections
The PTA and Staff Meetings
The indispensable Remedial sittings
The Regionals and Nationals
The celebration of festivals

The Teaching Testing and Checking
Ensure that nothing is lacking
You raise your head one day and see
Its January
Its not all over yet
The exam papers have to be set
The assessment is yet to be done
Errors there should be none
For which to school the children are sent
But inspite of all the drudgery and din
A KV is a wonderful place to be in