Monday, March 19, 2007

EXAMINATION HALL(परीक्षा- भवन)

Tips for Examination

Points to be considered for Board Preparation

1. Don’t nervous in Examination room.
2. Read the question paper carefully and plan during first 15 minutes.
3. Always write down the question number accurately before attempting it.
4. Always leave same space for margin and between two answers.
5. Write answers of those question first which you can attempt properly.
6. Avoid over writing. In any case if needed first cancel it and then write.
7. Student should adjust time according to question
8. Don’t consume much time in answering a particular question. If you are not able to complete the answer of attempted question, leave that question and proceed to next question.
9. All headings and sub headings are to be underlined.
10. Draw figures wherever needed and figures should be well labelled , neat and accurate.
11. Students should make their calculation accurate and fast.
12. Do your work neatly.
13. students can attempt first those question which contain more marks.
14. Before handing over the answer sheets go through all the attempted question
15. It is very important that all entries in the answer sheet should be done properly.
16. 16 Don’t forget to write number of supplementary answer sheets used in the provided column in main answer sheet.

--- Dr.Rekha PGT (MATHS)