Saturday, April 21, 2007


Four week Programme readiness - Programme

First week Programme
1st day Programme
Conversation: The teacher will tell her name to the children. Conversation about their previous knowledge.
Creative activity:- Play with clayand some other game.
2nd day Programme
Introduction of children to the school:- Introduce them to school environment
Creative Activity: Make children draw with chalk on spilling board, game, story, song.
3rd day Programme
Conversation : Conversation on hygiene and cleanliness.
Creative Activity: Children will paste circles of different Colures, game, story, song.

4th day Programme
Conversation: Teacher will make talk on pet animals like cow, horse.
Creative Activity: Learning & pasting Children will paste the domestic animals in their scrub book, game, story, song.

5th day Programme
Conversation: About class and things they see on their way coming to school.
Creative Activity: Learning & pasting domestic animals.

6th day Programme
Excursion: teacher will take the children to acquaint them with the near by environment.
Creative Activity: Arranging different leaves, Stones and seeds।

Second Week Programme

1st Day Programme
Conversation: About birds teacher will show the picture of birds.
Creative activity: Make shape with Plastic, song, story, identification of body parts.
2nd day Programme
Conversation: How they come to school? What vehicle does their other drives?
Creative activity: They will paste the pictures of various means of transparent.
3rd day programme
Conversation: Before Conversation put few shapes of colored paper.
Creative activity: Cut different shapes on colored paper and paste them in a scrub book, games, song, story, reading & readiness.
4th day Programme
Conversation: Concept of big and small, concept of weight.
Creative activity: Clay modeling, number of concept, game and song.
5th day Programme
Conversation: Converse with them on measurement how much milk do they buy?
Creative activity: Colour Concept game, song.
Reading Readiness: Make words starting English & Hindi.
6th day Programme
Conversation: Take the children for excursion and talk of things.
Creative activity: Create a design or pattern with things collected and paste them on scrub book, memory game, and general knowledge.
Reading Readiness: Make words starting and number concept।

Third Week Programme

1st Day Programme
Conversation: Teacher will ask the children to talk about cleanliness, poem & songs.
Creative skill: Ask the children to make simple figure e.g. Horse, Train, Car, Candle Story- Greedy dog.
Reading readiness: They will match the words.
2nd Day Programme
Conversation: Let the children converse about community helpers.
Creative skill: Matching the cutouts with their shadows, poem, songs.
Reading readiness: The teacher says in complete words and children try complete words.
3rd Day Programme
Conversation: Conversation about traffic light, direction left & right.
Creative skill: Children will draw and colour the traffic light, song, poem, game.
4th Day Programme
Conversation: Children will be asked to talk about their body parts and their users.
Creative skill: Give the children similar pictures in pairs with same missing portion, Poem, song.
Reading readiness: giving the first sound of the words.
5th Day Programme
Conversation: Let the children dramatize some actions of the storing.
Creative skill: To Make figure puppet and develop the story on their own song and poem.
Reading readiness: Keeping the interest of children read & write the letter.
6th Day Programme
Conversation: About the celebration of birthday of children.
Creative skill: Children will try to make masks of animals with help of paper, poem, song, story- Happy birth day to you.

IV Week Programme
1st Day Programme
Conversation: Let the children have the conversation on a railway station. Talk about engine driver.
Creative skill: They will make model of train, song, and poem.
Writing and Speaking: They will speak about few means of transport.
2nd Day Programme
Conversation: About the seasons, winter, summer, raining food eaten.
Creative skill: Complete the picture given and colour them Poem, story, songs.
3rd Day Programme
Conversation: Concept of day and night, full noon (Purnima).
Creative skill: Children will make a chart of day and night.
Reading readiness: Sound discrimination through game.
4th Day Programme
Conversation: This topic is an importance of water, different, sourses of water.
Creative skill: Children will be given Flash cards, poem, song, story.
5th Day Programme
Conversation: Children will tell their residential address, father’s occupation, phone no.
Creative skill: They will have sheet when they will match bat-ball, cup-saucer/ poem & song.
Writing readiness: They will write their name with correct spelling class, sec, Roll no.
6th Day Programme
Conversation: Teacher will talk individually to the children on what will the child likes.
Creative skill: Joining the dots of alphabets & number, poem, song & story